Take action: support the Shadwell Liveable Streets consultation

The borough is currently consulting on improvements for walking and cycling in the Shadwell area. It’s really good to see the council putting forward plans which will prioritise walking, cycling and public transport and community above private car use.

However, there has been some vocal opposition to previous Liveable Streets schemes from a minority and the proposals for Shadwell will not go ahead unless supporters make their voices heard.

If you are a resident in Shadwell, we encourage you to engage with the consultation as they have the potential to bring benefits to your local area. If you are a resident in Tower Hamlets, please make sure you respond to the consultation by Sunday 5 September. We suggest that you tick “very supportive” in relation to every proposal apart from question 29 regarding the moving of the bus stop on Martha Street. We would also suggest asking for the turn restrictions in questions 22 and 23 to be 6am – 10am Mon-Fri. Once you’ve done, please tell your friends and family in the borough to do the same!

Click here to respond to the consultation 

Although we think these proposals are good, they could be further improved to bring even more benefits to the area. If you have time to ask for improvements to make the scheme even better, we suggest that you use the comments boxes to ask for the following:

  • Scheme 1: ask for added greenery along the whole of Bigland Street and cycle parking outside of the school for parents to lock their cycles to.
  • Scheme 2: ask that the southern section of Watney Street between Chapman Street and Cable Street become a pedestrianised zone as this will allow for greater public realm improvements.
  • Scheme 3: ask that all speed humps have a sinusoidal profile and extend across the full width of the carriageway and that in the design of the speed tables, they do not feature straight edges as they can often cause handcycles and recumbent tricycles to “bottom out”, causing discomfort and pain to those using them. We would also ask for cycle hangers to be installed on residential streets and on estates to ensure that residents have somewhere secure to store their bike. Finally, we would ask for additional cycle stands to be installed across the area close to shops/cafes/community centres to ensure that people have somewhere to lock their cycle. A proportion of these cycle stands should be installed with the consideration of non-standard cycles such as cargo bikes and handicycles, these often require a larger gap between the cycle stands in order to be locked.
  • Scheme 4: ask that the three proposed turn restrictions (The Highway into King David Lane, The Highway into Glamis Road and Brodlove into Cable Street) have their operating times to also cover 3-7pm as this would remove motor vehicles from using the area as a rat run during the evening commute.
  • Scheme 5: ask that the bus stand on Martha Street not be moved further eastwards as this will undo the positive impact of removing two parking bays. The removal of two parking bays would allow for more room for vehicles to pass by the buses when they are parked at the stand. This would help eliminate driver frustration and hopefully reduce the vast amount of drivers using their horns repeatedly on this residential street.

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